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How it works

Our sensors collect data while you swim and then transfer your performance to the Strokespek app to generate visual results. They are light and located strategically to capture a clean stroke without affectng your feel for the water.

Each stroke is unique but our data visuals reveal the hidden patterns within path variations and the timing of rotations and arm speed throughtout the stroke cycle. Notice the differences of successive left arm freestyle strokes in the image.

Overhead shot of sensor on swimmer
Wave transition

See where you can improve

For the first time we can map your entire stroke cycle including what is happening underwater. The strategic arrangements, highlights, and overlays enable us to analyze all stroke positions and progressions at once. Click on the following charts for a closer look and more details on what each chart can reveal.

Stroke Path

Stroke path

Stroke Speed Progression

Stroke speed progressions

Compare For Yourself. Find What Works Best.

Changing your tehnique or developing a new feel for the water can be tricky and is pretty much a guessing game. But now you can compare your stroke feel and adjustments to past performance and elite performers. It's easy to spot the differences and recognize which feelings connect with the right motions so you no longer have to guess how much progress you've made.

At Morphwear we continue to collect stroke data to build out our library across a range of swimmer experience to provide suitable targets for different levels. There is no perfect technique but there are distinctive elite charactersitics to work up to.

Stroke path comparisons

Here is one example of how we made an adjustment for an experienced swimmer that was already holding a pace of 10.4 seconds on his 25s freestyle from a push. In the above image we found that in his original stroke on the left in blue he was pulling too far back in comparison to the elite stroke on the far right in yellow. By identifying an adjustment to make his arm exit sooner from the pull phase, the athlete's average instantly dropped down to a new pace of 10.1 seconds.

His experience follows...


Leif Kluver

Leif Kluver

D2 All American
1:36.08 200 Free

“Easy to understand the technology with explanation, and in my case the changes were easy to implement and improvements showed immediately. The sensors are small enough to not change the stroke or disturb in any way, they just need to fit correctly and be tight enough to not slip off.”

Wave transition
One thing we've learned from our research when talking to swimmers and coaches is that feeling faster than last time is simply not enough. It used to be a part of the sport that we had to accept but now there is an option.
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Morphwear swim gear
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Morphwear's mission is to enable the next generational leap in athletic performance through smarter training. Our products focus on providing athletes a measured approach toward achieving their goals. Beginning with competitive swimming, we are debuting our motion analysis algorithms in a sport where mechanical efficiency is critical and objective feedback is hard to come by.

My name is Konrad Antoniuk, the product architect behind Strokespek. I have previously competed at the 2012 Olympic Trials and currently focused on building a business and product that I believe would have immensely helped me early in my swimming career.

I understand the commitment and sacrifices required to compete at a high level and I want to ensure that I have built something that can reliably help others that put their heart into training. To prove the data's efficacy, I am using the technology firsthand to requalify for the 2021 Olympic Trials. In addition, I have experienced siginificant success in using the technology on many athletes and at this point I feel it's time to make it available for more swimmers on their journey.