Taking swim training to the next level

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MorphWear is a mobile app and wearable device system that helps swimmers train smarter.

Using motion sensors made by Movesense, MorphWear tracks how hard swimmers work to tell them when they are improving and when they need rest. This helps coaches and swimmers measure improvements in performance and figure out which types of workouts and training cycles work best for each athlete. MorphWear’s algorithms are the ultimate tools for data-driven optimization of swim training. 


Take Ownership

Be proactive and open to learning


Stay on Track


Measure Growth


Recover Efficiently

Our Technology 




  • Built by Movesense

  • 6-axis IMU samples accelerometer and gyro data

  • Bluetooth connected

  • Waterproof up to 30 meters

  • Collects over 100 samples per second

  • Battery powered



  • Process data in realtime

  • Prepare live metrics

  • Instant feedback via mobile

  • Identify established metrics:

    1. Stroke rate

    2. Stroke count

    3. Splits timing

  • Calculate new metrics:

    1. Stroke Power

    2. Pull Percentage



  • Capture changes in technique

  • Recognize fatigue

  • Measure training load

  • Track stroke quality and consistency

  • Account for physical, mental, and emotional development

  • Focus on race components


Give it your

best shot


Our Framework

  • Prepare for the race experience

  • Communicate effectively

  • Account for physical, mental, and emotional aspects of training and racing

  • Apply scientific principles

  • Work on top of existing training programs

  • Prioritize accuracy for results and insights


3 Steps to Optimization



  • Monitor intensity and quality across strokes, laps, and sets

  • Track feel and recovery during workouts



  • Assess responses to workload

  • Find which workouts are best and adapt them to season goals

  • Check on progress



  • Condition body and mind with quality reps

  • Maintain optimal work/rest ratio

  • Practice race components

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About Us

MorphWear’s idea originated as a Cal Poly senior project in 2014 but it wasn’t until we tested a group of Olympic swimmers before the 2016 Olympics that we discovered a new factor in measuring performance that differentiated the elite from developing swimmers.

Since then we have gone on to interview nearly 100 coaches and swimmers to find the best way motion data can benefit the sport of swimming.  In addition, we have continued to collect data and grow our database through private demos with several high profile swimmers and swim programs in the US.

We are finally making our presence known by launching at CES 2019 in the Sports Zone alongside our sensor manufacturer Movesense. If you are planning to attend, be sure to stop by and check us out at booth 44537 at the Sands Expo. See you there!


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